Copywriting and Editing


Working with your draft, Stacey makes suggestions to improve readability, clarity, organization, character development,  plot development, and/or overall impact.  

Developmental Editing

Novel Final Read Through

Stacey helps you create the written copy for your project, in addition to correcting errors and inconsistencies in sentence structure, usage, spelling, and punctuation.

   narration  --  proofreading  --  VOICEOVER

You've had your novel edited, but did the editor catch everything? Stacey reads it one more time.  Starting at $50, fees depend on the length of the work, and works that only have zero to five error(s) (relative to length) receive a 40% discount. Send Stacey an email and ask for a rate card.

Please email your project description and ask for a rate card. 

Stacey wants the author of ANY piece of writing to feel completely confident in his/her work before it is presented to an audience.

She revises work for all different genres.  She has proofread people's resumes, essays, technical copy, medical and scientific writing, website copy, business proposals, Powerpoints, novels, short stories, memoirs, and even poetry.  

She reads and re-reads her clients' work to ensure that the finished product is as close to perfect as a person can achieve!  She reads all documents in full multiple times.  She won't stop working until you feel great about the finished product.