"The narration is first class, Stacey amazes me every time I listen to her with the quality of her character voices, I think she's one of the best in the business. the pace and tone of her delivery also helped to build the tension in the story."

Claire, reviewer

   narration  --  proofreading  --  VOICEOVER

"I don't want to come off as over-praising. I mean this sincerely: That was amazing...You read so well and interpreted the moods and tensions perfectly. Thank you!"

Laura Frances, author

​​​The narration was brilliant. The narrator performed the variety of characters so well I forgot that I was listening to just one voice.

Inishowen, reviewer

Your reads have come back for review and they are sounding great.

"The audio - let's start with that while I am busy gushing about the incredibly talented Stacey Glemboski. The narration was flawless. Stacey changed her voice enough (not necessarily through the sound but through the tone and mannerisms) that I was easily able to keep track of who was speaking...I loved how I was able to speed up or slow down my Audible app without it messing with Stacey's pacing (unfortunately, not all narrators can accomplish this). Very well done!" 

Reviewer, gingermomreads.com

​​​Stacey Glemboski has a fresh voice that made my audio book come alive. She portrayed my teenage character exactly the way I had hoped for, hitting the sarcastic dialogue perfectly and bringing me to tears during the tragic parts... She does incredible editing work and has an insightful eye for making a manuscript into the best book it can be.

Cheyanne Young, author