narration  --  proofreading  --  VOICEOVER

Stacey loves to narrate books. When not working, she can likely be found in the car, on the tennis court, in the garden, the kitchen or the laundry room.

Stacey also likes: restoring cast iron cookware, making things, riding quads, lighting bonfires, mowing, weeding, mulching, baking, soup making, and taking long dog walks through the woods. 

Stacey loves art and creativity.  When art does its work it makes one wonder, dream, fantasize, and appreciate its mystery. AI need not apply.

Stacey is an experienced copy editor, proofreader, and former English teacher.  She is adept at understanding complex texts and subtleties of plot and character. 

Her underground home studio is a 6x6 WhisperRoom sound-resistant booth, and she records in TwistedWave using an AT4047 or a Neumann TLM103, PreSonus Audiobox iOne, Byerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones, and a MacBook Air.