narration  --  proofreading  --  VOICEOVER

Not convinced that many people actually make it to this page to read up on their FAVORITE FEMALE NARRATOR, Stacey's going to wing this bio a little...

Stacey loves to narrate books;  every one has its own feel and personality. When not working, she likes the woods and the mountains. She prefers quad rides, gardeny chores, using the chainsaw, feeding the horses snacks, poking fires, listening to Hair Nation on XM, sport shooting, cornhole, cheap beer, and long dog walks with the 14-year-old puppy over Blue Ridge foothills inclines to long days in the recording booth tripping over words like "clasped",  and phrases like "in the living room" and "on the linoleum".  

Additionally, Stacey loves to play tennis.  She works out regularly, basically because someone who enjoys frequent snacks as much as she does kind of has to, but tennis is not exercise.  It's athletic food. She also loves art, dance, and music.  It's so awesome when art does its work and makes one wonder, dream, fantasize, and appreciate its mystery.

Professionally, Stacey is an experienced copy editor, proofreader, and former English teacher.  Stacey is adept at understanding complex texts and subtleties of plot and character. Her acting skills were honed early on by extensive play with Barbies and overwatching The Muppet Show and later Beverly Hills 90210. 


Her underground home studio is a 6x6 WhisperRoom sound-resistant booth, and she records in TwistedWave using a Neumann TLM103, PreSonus Audiobox 1, and a MacBook Air.